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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 18, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EST

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again, we are watching just the clouds beginning to move in. there's our big storm down towards the south. here's kim brown with a check on traffic. good morning, everyone. we're looking good so far at 95 and 35395. the skies are coming in clean but we have a couple of intersections closed because of yesterday's water main break at hargone drive. also in garrison, northbound reisterstown road, it will be at avalon way. jamie and megan, back to you. it is 5:00 and take a look at the mess right here that keeps flowing and flowing. that's unbelievable. >> it's regard to believe this is a baltimore street. a 42 inch water main burst on argonne drive in northeast
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baltimore. >> will crews have this repaired with the snowstorm on our doorstep? >> sherrie, how's it looking right now? >> reporter: things look a lot better right now. there's not as much water out here. as you can see, crews are very busy hard at work. they've been working around the clock. people who use baltimore city boughter including anne arundel, hartford, harold and baltimore counties are being asked to conserve water because of this break in northeast baltimore. the 42 inch water main burst in the 1600 block of argonne drive and a gas main was damaged. officials from the department of public works say that the water main break caused a problem with the filtration plant at lake montbello, and that's why they ask people to
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conserve water. >> the system can use pressure and it affects the reservoir quickly when you are this close to it. >> reporter: crews went door-to- door checking for a gas leak. some people actually had to leave their homes overnight. many are staying at morgan state university in the cafeteria area. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> this is the latest in a strong of the area's aging infrastructure. one week ago today, water shot into the night sky in lutherville. earlier that day a break in north baltimore created nothing but problems. and on september 10th, a water main break in dundalk. they weren't too far from the one that flooded out entire neighborhoods. we should also mention in
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between september and december, this were a number of smaller breaks throughout our area. so stay with us. we're going to stay on this story to keep bringing you the latest information. you can always head to for all of the latest developments. you can see the raw video at any time on it's 5:03 right now. public safety. officials say six correctional officers who worked right here at central booking have been fired. now, the incident involving a detainee and the use of force propertiedly happened on november 15th. officials say the detainee was released from custody the next day after posting bail. the department says they will not release the names of the fallen officers or other further details. baltimore city firefighters took to the streets to protest cutbacks in service. they believe they are putting the lives of citizens and
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firefighters in jeopardy. kelly swoope reports. >> reporter: they chanted, marched, and took their case to city hall. >> people are gonna die. especially in in season when the fires occur the most. if we have a brown out, people are going to die, and they don't need to die. we need to keep the firehouses opened and manned. >> reporter: dozens of city firefighters wanted to send a message to the mayor. >> mayor dixon, this is not a wise investment. it's nothing worse than a lousy gamble. don't cut safety. >> reporter: just last week, the city's rolling company closures renewed concerns about safety. >> we don't need any more deaths. it's time that we open all of the firehouses and man them. >> reporter: truck 18, the search and rescue company closest to the fire was closed overnight. officials later blame delayed response time to a garbled 911
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call that sent crews to the wrong address. >> i'm a firefighter at heart. i would rather have no companies closed, but unfort i had, my job is to manage my department within the budget. >> reporter: kelly swoope, abc 2 news. >> they applied for a federal grant to hopefully get them back in service. the mayor says the city has taken measures to make the fire department more innovative and efficient during these economic times. living in the inner city can be tough for a young family. >> when violence unfolds, it can certainly be a real, real problem. news cameras are capturing an emotional arrest after a child is shot. and from anne arundel to baltimore to allegheny, we have new details on where and if you can pull a handle and take a gamble. first, let's look at our weather. here's justin. as jamie would put it we pulled the handle and got thee cherries.
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we're right on target for the bull's-eye of this particular storm. heavy snow, strong winds, winter storm warning, perhaps blizzard conditions tomorrow evening. we've got more on this storm for our weekend coming up. right now it's 5:06. let's go to the mta with mark jones. good morning. >> good morning. on the buses, you'll find the number 17 working with a diversion at corporate and international due to construction. the number 33 bus is using cold spring instead of hillen road due to a water main break repair. the number 36 is diverted and the number 15 bus with the diversion. actually, the number 5 with a diversion at pratt and stricker in your travels. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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will new pepto instacool cover him? what's he got, a little bit of the nervous stomach? the chimichangas probably aren't helping either. ouch. well, when he feels the instacool sensation, he'll know that pepto's about to kick in. oh, ah-ha. honey, do you feel... the instacool sensation -- yes, mom. thank you, mrs. wagner. you're welcome, sweetheart. [ pepto guy ] have a great date, everybody. with instacool. yup, you're covered. oh, that was a little snazzy. 5:09. good morning to you. we want to give you an idea of what's going to be happening. yesterday we were talking about this storm and said it's just, you know, not going to be too big of a deal. this morning, i'm saying something else. it's going to be a big deal. i don't think you will be locked in your house for days
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on end, but this will rank up across the history of baltimore as one of the top 20 storms. right now, we're 20 degrees in bel air and 25 degrees in westminster. owings mills, there's towson. not much of a wind to speak of. we have this winter storm warning that tykes us basically tonight through about daybreak on sunday. 6:00 a.m. the stomple should be departing, but we'll be looking at a lot of snow between now and then. the clouds just moving in right now. we'll show you the wider view of the storm and our weekend forecast in a moment. 5:10. here's kim brown. >> thanks, justin. i know the kids are disappointed the snow didn't come this morning. we have a smooth commute this morning in baltimore city. keep in mind the intersection at argonne drive and hillen road will be closed due to the water main break. also be careful for icy patches
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near the water main breaks because it's really cold out and you could have problems. we have several lights out in towson. police are on the scene because of a blown transformer so be careful. as we look at the expwr. fx, traffic moves nicely. listening is a skill, and my father is a master. as a result, people love to talk to him. >> tributes from charlie gibson's family. the veteran anchor prepares for his final broadcast with abc news. scientists unveil a volcanic eruption and it is fascinating.
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at this hour, president barack obama is in copenhagen holding a bilateral meeting with the premier of china. they will be attending the final day of the conference. the u.s. has pledged to contribute $100 billion a year fund and china agreed to allow an international review of carbon emissions. it's been a hot topic and here in maryland, of course, the slot machine commission. they rejected the proposal to
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put a slot in baltimore. >> the commission voted unanimously to reject the bid and more tough talk about slots and the racing industry here this morning. this news conference comes just days before the anne arundel county council votes on zoning that could clear the way for a slots parlor next to the arundel mills mall. the maryland jockey club would rather see slots go to laurel park. >> it'd be devastating if zonings approved at the mills, laurel cannot and will not survive. they'll build slots at the mills and deliver a blow that we will never recover from. >> he also says revenue from gaming would go to purses but not the tracks. he also pointed out that thousands of jobs would be lost if laurel park closes. far more than the number of jobs slot parks and arundel mills would create. a vote is coming up on monday. another developing story right now.
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no slots for baltimore. a proposal was rejected to put a slot machine parlor in south baltimore. it was voted unanimously to reject the bid by the baltimore entertainment group. initially, the commission said a separate parlor had to be built to maintain the family atmosphere, but that stance may now change to make the venue more attractive to the bidders. as many as 1500 could be installed if the right bidder comes forward. winter weather alert for a winter storm warning that we have. we may actually bum that category up one more notch. there's only one more more way to go with possible blizzard conditions. first off, the almanac here. 18th day of december. records range from 7 in 1919, 2006 brought us the high mark
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of 72. sun comes up and down at 4:46. i was looking at the snowfall amount and all of our forecasts even on the lower end of the computer models will exceed the daily snowfall records. so just keep that one thing in mind. we may be looking at a snowfall total here that could rank among the top 20, maybe even approach the top ten baltimore storms. 22 right now in baltimore. 38 in charlotte. we talked about the chance of them getting snow, and i think they will once the storm cranks up. right now, they're pushing 47 in charleston. there's our storm generating severe weather now approaching the gold coast, the west coast of the far panhandle and maybe even looking at severe weather with damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. low pressure now passing to the southeast of new orleans cranking itself up in and of itself is impressive. it's tapping into the boundary
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with arctic air that will feed into the backside of the storm. as it reaches the gulfstream, which is warm water coming up from the south, it will explode off the north carolina coast. this is the type of storm. we call it bombing out where literally it drops like a rock on the barometer. sometimes these spin up and can slowly sit there. this thing's going to be around all day tomorrow. we are just watching the clouds beginning to roll in. we get some sun in spots but the clouds quickly thicken and the forecast model is watching the precipitation beginning to roll in overnight. this is one of many models. this is the one we can most easily display on the air. we may be debting light snow overnight. by daybreak, we could be looking at snow coating the ground. by midday, snow moderate, becoming heavy for just about everybody in maryland, maybe rain clipping the lower eastern shore. that's where the problem is as
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we get strong winds ripping in off the coast. the storm itself cranks up real heavy snow. the heaviest may fall on the delmarva peninsula with near blizzard conditions that try to pull out sunday morning. check it out. just want to highlight this particular storm. the strong winds, blowing snow which will make it difficult to pinpoint how much we get. winds along the beach 60 miles per hour or greater with beach erosion. yeah, this will be a doozy. thickening clouds, 36 today. tonight light snow and winter storm warning and heavy snow. kim, how about that traffic? >> reporter: justin, we have several road hazards that you need to be aware of. south bound 95, we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. in towson, the intersection at york road and joppa road, the traffic lights are not working in addition to several other intersections in towson because of a traps former fire. police are on the scene directing traffic so be careful
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as you approach the intersections. a broken water main at argue gone drive and hillen road, we'll have icy patches this that area. as we look at the tower, traffic is quiet as you make your way downtown. jamie and megan, back to you. it's 5:20 right now. a florida mom is getting blasted by some people after she tweeted the death of her young son. people responded saying she should never have been tweeting at a time like that while others sent condolences. a psychologist says today's technology, some people are becoming as attached to the cyber world as the real world. officials say the 2-year-old drowned in the family swimming pool. take a look at what happened in detroit. a 17-year-old accidentally shot his 11-year-old brother and police say the teen apparent i had panicked. watch as he was being arrested and he made a run for it as he was about to go into a police cruiser. local news crews captured all of this as it went down. the alleged shooter's brother
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is said to be in good condition. the mother said she only bought the gun because the 17-year-old had been robbed and threatened. here's the situation that downright stinks, huh? >> a 74-year-old woman ended up going to jail because she didn't pay her sewage bill and the fines that followed. darlene was behind on her bill. the sewage company tacked on all sorts of fees and it came to about $1300. so she thought she would be the responsible person and set up some sort of payment plan. she's on a fixed income and was well behind. the local sheriff's department came to her home and hauled her off to jail. darlene had to serve two nights in jail. now a hearing is set for next tuesday to determine if the 74- year-old has to still pay the fines and fees. 5:21. we're having issues of our own here in baltimore. >> we have a live report ahead on how a water main repair is
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going on on argonne drive this morning. (announcer) let's say you have quintuplets,
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(announcer) well, with sears store to home, we'll find exactly what you're looking for. and we can either ship it to you for free, or i can find it for you at another sears. shipping! (announcer) store to home. there's more ways to shop your way at sears. life. well spent. hi. 5:24. we had a winter storm in. when people start hyping it up, two questions come in mind. first when and second how much. this is just a broad brush. we'll sort out the details, but it will be hard to hammer down because of the strong, blowing wind we expect. i think near blizzard conditions tomorrow afternoon and evening. the winter storm warning kicks
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in tonight. most of this will be a saturday event but the entire state will be affected. today, temperature about 36. tomorrow, the snow begins, and what i have put there, 8 to 14 inches. now, it is possible that we wind up with some higher amounts. temperatures stuck at 29 degrees, blowing, drifting snow will make it tough. we are looking at temperatures 31 winding down with the wind picking up on sunday and staying in the 30s thousand christmas week. it is 5:25. let's go up to new york and get this morning's tech bytes. in today's tech bytes. black berry users should have e- mail fully restored today. blackberry is investigating a cause of an outage that knocked out e-mail for many users. it did not affect phone calls, internet access or texting. service has been disrupted in the past when the company was updating its software. facebook is facing a new
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challenge over its privacy policy. nine organizations filed a complaint over the social networking site's recent changes. the group says the new settings forced users to make more of their personal information public and want the old safeguards restored. facebook says it discussed the changes with the commission before making them. here's one good sign for microsoft windows 7. the people who answer the phones for the help desk aren't very busy. microsoft says it's getting half as many calls as it expected since the new operating system made its debut. microsoft is giving some of the credit to its new computer help strategy. customers are using the online forum called microsoft answers plus twitter to figure out solutions for themselves. the apparent lack of problems with windows 7 could mack a big difference if you are shopping for a computer this holiday season. ed baig says it's so good that loyal mac users may want to
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change their mindsp. >> i preferred macs, but with windows 7, microsoft narrows the advantage. it has worked well. i've been using it now for most of the past year. >> reporter: and you can read ed's qlum at for information on all of the stories, log on to the technology page at those are your tech bytes. i'm vinita nier. i'm vinita nair.
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the gully washer, big foot rapids, the famous rapids ride of them all right here on argonne drive. a father fighting to


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